My Mind Blowing Adventures in Tanzania

I am celebrating my four years of homecoming and I have been exploring places just to realize Tanzania is so much more than what the world really knows


The Barren Beauty of Ruaha and Mikumi

In Tanzania, The Dry Season (July to December) is one of the best periods to experience the drama of the wild. The landscapes have just recovered from heavy showers and are experiencing the glorious touch of the Sun. While safaris are definetly a thrill with the animals rejoicing in this perfect weather, it is yet … Continue reading The Barren Beauty of Ruaha and Mikumi

The Untold Tinga Tinga Legacy

Tinga Tinga before becoming a style of a painting was a simple man, the beloved Edward Said Tinga Tinga who had introduced a particular style of painting, which is now Tanzania's authentic art. From exaggeration of minuscule butterflies to the creatively imagined dotted animals, abstract patterns of birds to the real imagined people, all embellished in the arms of the nature bound landscapes of Tanzania, an impeccable art form, of what the world refers to as Tinga Tinga paintings.