Journey to The Lost Southern Frontier Town – Mikindani

Ten years of my father’s intensive Miki City nostalgia and an impatient wait to visit to explore this less known intimate town, I packed my bags for a week to travel to the less known towns pocketed in the quite corner of the country; Mtwara connecting to Mikindani, followed by an hour’s journey to Lindi. With my father as a local guide, little did I know the legendary Mikindani would unfold so truthfully, camouflaging with an intensely reconstructed and simple present. My experience can be likened to an exotic travel treasure unfold in front of a wanderlust.


Prison Island; Of Modern Relevance

One of the most exotic destinations, Prison Island is a rare treasure in Tanzania that paints an intriguing slave trade history and fast tracks relevance to the Luxurious Changuu today. Just 6 kilometers away from Zanzibar, learn how Prison Island gets its name and what makes it alluring for the curious visitor.