Exploring the City of Rustic Charm STONE TOWN- UNESCO World Heritage Site

One may be deceived by the vibrancy; the excited visitors, the overwhelming hospitality of Zanzibaris and the holiday buzz on the spice island. As one enters Stone Town, it’s a moment of nostalgia, a city that will take you back to time, hundred years back. For whatever you experience here, is a reflection of a … Continue reading Exploring the City of Rustic Charm STONE TOWN- UNESCO World Heritage Site


Hotel Review: Ramada Encore in Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam, the commercial hub of the country has witnessed an exponential transformation of its city scape in recent years. While new recreation facilities are frequent to spot, the coming of a distinct, promising, and world-class Hotel property has been rare and long awaited in the metropolitan centre. Welcome to Ramada Encore; a Four … Continue reading Hotel Review: Ramada Encore in Dar es Salaam

Journey to The Lost Southern Frontier Town – Mikindani

Ten years of my father’s intensive Miki City nostalgia and an impatient wait to visit to explore this less known intimate town, I packed my bags for a week to travel to the less known towns pocketed in the quite corner of the country; Mtwara connecting to Mikindani, followed by an hour’s journey to Lindi. With my father as a local guide, little did I know the legendary Mikindani would unfold so truthfully, camouflaging with an intensely reconstructed and simple present. My experience can be likened to an exotic travel treasure unfold in front of a wanderlust.

The Untold Tinga Tinga Legacy

Tinga Tinga before becoming a style of a painting was a simple man, the beloved Edward Said Tinga Tinga who had introduced a particular style of painting, which is now Tanzania's authentic art. From exaggeration of minuscule butterflies to the creatively imagined dotted animals, abstract patterns of birds to the real imagined people, all embellished in the arms of the nature bound landscapes of Tanzania, an impeccable art form, of what the world refers to as Tinga Tinga paintings.

Prison Island; Of Modern Relevance

One of the most exotic destinations, Prison Island is a rare treasure in Tanzania that paints an intriguing slave trade history and fast tracks relevance to the Luxurious Changuu today. Just 6 kilometers away from Zanzibar, learn how Prison Island gets its name and what makes it alluring for the curious visitor.