My Mind Blowing Adventures in Tanzania

I am celebrating my four years of homecoming and I have been exploring places just to realize Tanzania is so much more than what the world really knows


The Barren Beauty of Ruaha and Mikumi

In Tanzania, The Dry Season (July to December) is one of the best periods to experience the drama of the wild. The landscapes have just recovered from heavy showers and are experiencing the glorious touch of the Sun. While safaris are definetly a thrill with the animals rejoicing in this perfect weather, it is yet … Continue reading The Barren Beauty of Ruaha and Mikumi

If a minion can make it to Mt. Kilimanjaro, why not you?

Not many people were sure if little miss delicate could make it to the highest mountain of Africa, including myself. Early last year, I lost my job with an amazing position, was surviving on savings and was facing unending stressful situations. However, there was a voice in me that made me feel strong and realize … Continue reading If a minion can make it to Mt. Kilimanjaro, why not you?

Visiting Mbudya Island under $50

Planning a holiday can always get exciting, however most of us give in when the cost seems beyond our budget. Tanzania is a typical tourist destination and planning a day trip can also get expensive. Fortunately, we have a few hidden spots, even in the water, that make it for a perfect holiday; the peace, … Continue reading Visiting Mbudya Island under $50

Swimming with The Whale Shark ; The Adventure Awaits in Mafia

The six months from November to March define Mafia as an oceanic paradise. The island is actively visited by a flocking number of tourists for the promising sight of humongous whale sharks in astonishing numbers and with special characteristics. These species are not the common sharks that are usually notorious for being ‘life threatening’ or harmful. Whale sharks are popularly called the ‘gentle giants’, with many unique qualities. In Tanzania, Mafia is perhaps the only island that is frequently visited of these large creatures.