The Untold Tinga Tinga Legacy

Tinga Tinga before becoming a style of a painting was a simple man, the beloved Edward Said Tinga Tinga who had introduced a particular style of painting, which is now Tanzania’s authentic art.

From exaggeration of minuscule butterflies to the creatively imagined dotted animals, abstract patterns of birds to the real imagined people, all embellished in the arms of the nature bound landscapes of Tanzania, an impeccable art form, of what the world refers to as Tinga Tinga paintings.

Prison Island; Of Modern Relevance

One of the most exotic destinations, Prison Island is a rare treasure in Tanzania that paints an intriguing slave trade history and fast tracks relevance to the Luxurious Changuu today. Just 6 kilometers away from Zanzibar, learn how Prison Island gets its name and what makes it alluring for the curious visitor.