10 Things No One Told You Before Your Safari

When I ventured into a safari experience in Tanzania, tough luck I was clueless about some of the most basic information, I would really wanted to know. What would I do even when a luxury camp offers power only for four to five hours a day? Am I safe to walk to my tent alone at night? Will I be able to get a good network connection? I found the answers myself after a rough yet adventurous experience.

While every individual will face some lack or disappointment, I have come up with my ten most essential tips that you would love to save and apply for an authentic Tanzanian experience… Here we go… into the wild, with these extremely handy tips!


  • A real safari experience is about wildlife game drives, visiting remote locations and staying in isolated places. Be prepared to sacrifice comfort yet have a thrilling unique experience.
  • You will spend most of your time in the national parks exploring the wild. Make sure you carry essential accessories during the drive; 2 charged batteries, camera, binoculars and memory cards to mention a few.


  • June through October is the peak safari season. Keep in mind, this is the African winter and your safari outfit shall consist of warm clothes. April and May are not favorable due to the rainy season making many roads inaccessible.
  • During a camping safari always ensure you have zipped up your tents. There is always a possibility of animals coming very close to your tents and you don’t want  uninvited guests.


  • Do not run during a walking safari: only prey animals run. You will have guides around you and animals are a danger only when you attempt to attack or run away from them.


  • Electricity and wi-fi accessibility is limited during camping. Make limited use of electronic gadgets and optimum use of power when made available.
  • Always remember to consult your tour operator for any doubts before venturing on a safari. Websites like Trip Advisor and Fodor are very reliable for reviews, recommendations and, do’s and don’t during a safari especially when traveling with kids.
  • Carry required medication as prescribed by your doctor. Malaria precaution is a must and yellow fever vaccination applies to Tanzania. It is suggested to keep emergency numbers handy and travel with a health insurance.
  • ATMs and credit card facilities may be limited during your safari. Always keep cash handy. Small change in USD and T shillings is good.
  • Your tour operator/ travel agent is your primary source of information. Ask as many questions to ensure you have a comfortable traveling experience.



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