The Barren Beauty of Ruaha and Mikumi

In Tanzania, The Dry Season (July to December) is one of the best periods to experience the drama of the wild. The landscapes have just recovered from heavy showers and are experiencing the glorious touch of the Sun. While safaris are definetly a thrill with the animals rejoicing in this perfect weather, it is yet an added pleasure to immerse in the raw beauty of Tanzania; like the golden touch that blazes life in the barren lands of Africa.



Along the mighty Ruaha River, animals walkfor miles to refresh at the only source of water. Hunting for the predators can get easier and game viewing for the traveler a delight! For the hippos, they are even more pleased to get their cool, relaxing in the water for endless hours….




In Mikumi National Park, grasses grow tall and often obstruct views of the wild. A safely lit fire just leaves the perfect scenery as your drive past the dustry roads. While for many, these may be lacklustre, however, for the photographer, it is a unique opportunity to capture the barren beauty.




The transitions of gold hues glorify the wild creatures with their amzement or ignorance while encountering the regular traveler…


This season, get ready to fly and experience game drives in the exotic southern destinations of #tanzania- Explore Ruaha and Mikumi National Park!

Safari Drives and Lodging Courtesy of Foxes Safari Camps||


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