Taking Home The Rarest Gem: The Tanzanite


Rare, exquisite and precious, The Tanzanite Stone makes for a perfect memento to celebrate for a lifetime. Buying a Tanzanite is a pride. Here is a special TIP guide to better your understanding about this exclusive stone from Tanzania.

A Special Possession

Tanzanite stands out for its multi-dimensional color, from royal blue to lilac and sparkling indigo; the colors, shine and look are magnificent. An appeasing reason to own a Tanzanite is the uniqueness; its mystic creation at Mererani, the foothills of volcanic mountains of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro, a place with no match anywhere on this planet.

Tanzanite Facts

  • Discovered in 1967, the Masai Tribesman noticed the brown zoiscite crystals turn into deep blue-purple due to the heat from the fire.
  • Tiffany & Co. a New York based company recognized the value of this gemstone and in 1968 held a massive publicity campaign to give its name from the country of origin- The Tanzanite from Tanzania.
  • It is known as the gemstone of the 20th century and the birthstone for December with zircon and turquoise.
  • One can visit the Mererani Mines for a Tanzanite Tour or the The Tanzanite Experience Museum in Arusha.




A Stunning Souvenir

The Masai tradition regards the color blue as sacred, a symbol of new life and healing. Tanzanite, as such is gifted to celebrate a new beginning of life. The stone is 1000 times rarer than diamonds and allures buyers to own one.

Tanzanite can be purchased as loose gem stones or crafted in jewelry; rings, pendants, earrings etc. Due to its delicate feature one should protect it from knocks, pressure and extreme temperature. Avoid home ultrasonic for cleansing.


The stone is priced at an upscale due to its rarity. The main criteria to evaluate the purchase of Tanzanite is the cut, color, clarity and carat, which together determine the grading of the stone. It is advisable to follow the buyer’s guide available with the seller. The starting price is usually from $300.

Buyers are highly recommended to check grades and demand a certificate as the buyers guarantee.



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