Serenity In Images

Why is that the soul yearns to travel? A deep and restless urge to give ourselves away to a new strange place, perhaps, somewhere we have never been to or a surreal destination where we always wish to be.

In my recent travel experiences, I have learned that my inner self was seeking for peace; a true sense of being myself, to rediscover the real me and to give myself a way to someone with no expectations. Once in a while, we want to zone out from where we are now, from all the madness, confusions, hardships, uneasiness and escape to a Utopian aura that brings in us, more than anything the calmness and a new you.

I have captured some shots, from two of my most favorite escapade destinations; while hiking in the Uluguru Mountains and my solo trip to Stone Town, Zanzibar. Here I truly felt rejuvenated and rediscovered myself in the Soul of Africa- Tanzania.



IMG_5435 IMG_1482


*In Stone Town, Zanzibar

During my solo backpack trip to Stone Town, Zanzibar, I woke up early morning and reached my hotel with a sleepy head. Upon drawing the curtains and feasting on some delicious healthy breakfast, I walked in alleys, wanting to lose myself and yet trusting the warmth of the what I called miniature Italy- here Stone Town. I kept walking as if I were to search for something long lost. Alas, I found it while returning back, standing on the edge of the express boat, letting the wind hit hard on my face, feeling the chill and closing my eyes. Holding a tight grip on the pole, I trusted myself not to give away to fears or danger. When I woke up from this short lived moment, I only happened to see the nature embracing me. I felt the warmth of the sun, the gentle breeze and the waves of the ocean that filled in the empty space, adding joy. I found my answer- It is not the strangeness around that makes you feel how you are, it is how you accept where you are now. I felt a sense of gratitude and acceptance and I thank nature for accepting me the way I am, without expecting me to give anything in return.




IMG_8518    thick forest





*Hiking in the Uluguru Mountains, Morogoro.

Imagine, walking for miles at night, on a dark pathway of a hill you don’t know how high it is. The only sound you can hear is the gushing water, loud crickets and sometimes yourself panting or chanting a prayer. I enthusiastically opted for the simplest of the hike only to find myself in a no mans land at 9 pm, far away from the city, under millions of stars and,  a tent set by my side and some thousand meters to conquer the next morning. A petite girl climbs steep hills, the guide pointing to the farmer picking the fresh strawberries, a pathway leading into a dense foggy forest and you are just wondering when will you reach the destination and breathe contentment. So what is that destination? It was conquering my struggle and physical stamina, to believe ‘I truly can’, to trust no one but yourself, that I will always have support, but I must learn to find my own way, to be a guide to my own journey of life, to find contentment in the pain, to make most of the energy created from the restlessness and no mater how further, higher, distant or impossible the peak is, move on with brave strides. And once I was there, it felt, that I have won over my smaller self. I lay on the grass and smiled at the sky, telling to the vast world, ‘You are my destination, not my challenge, and I will be there too!


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